The facilitators

Brian Schock- Certified Mogadao qigong Guide, yoga instructor and co-creator
of Qi Dance! 

After studying qigong and yoga for many years in the U.S, in 2009 I began a
journey across the world to deepen and refine my experience of these modalities.
I also sought new techniques and therapies, such as massage and dance that
became essential components of Spirit Dome Qigong
( I currently live in Athens, Greece but, continue to
travel, seeking and refining my experience of the old ways to offer them to the
present day.

Victoria Kalpita Noumta, dancer, choreographer, dance teacher. 

My journey through movement, dance, meditation, and personal development
started in India, 20 years ago, and has been transformative and changed the
route of my life forever. Using different healing techniques, practicing many
meditation methods, participating in retreats, and meeting with inspired,
enlightened masters has enriched my life. Practicing living in gratitude, joy and
awareness on a daily basis is my longing. Sharing in community energy, truth,
celebrating and dancing our true nature is my passion.

After meeting Brian a few years ago, we brought together qigong, dance and
meditation and created Qi Dance. Qi Dance is already being loved by many
people, even those who have never "danced" before in their lives!

We look so much forward to sharing and celebrating this experience with you!