June 30th to July 3rd 2014 With Brian Schock and Victoria Noumta

This summer, in beautiful Samos island please join us for a unique experience,
which will combine a truly transformative trilogy: movement, stillness and nature.
Over a period of 4 days we will use archetypal movement, music, dance and our
complete being (mind, body and spirit) to connect and harmonize with the natural
world. Our purpose is to bring relaxation, vitality and health through the
oppositional forces of movement and stillness. This event is related to, but
separate, from the Samos Summit. It is open to anyone interested in exploring a
deeper connection between mind, body and spirit.

Begin the day with a revitalizing hour of qigong on the beach with your feet in the
sand and the water. In the evening open the senses and learn to express yourself
in a new way with Qi dance while celebrating a sunset on the beach; or find
stillness and the expansion of your being in another way at the Heraion temple
and Pythagoras mountain cave.